May 29th Workshop/ Training (2017)

Our annual May 29th SSVP workshop/training has come and gone. The training is an annual event organised by St. Dominic’s conference to train her members on topics that can aid our service to the poor we serve.
This year’s edition was very remarkable.

The Invitation

Two guest speakers graced the occasion. Rev.Fr. Ignatius Saiki O.P, the spiritual director and Mr. Femi Olowu, a lecturer from the social work of Lagos.
Fr. Ignatius delivered a paper on ‘Leadership through serving humanity’. Keynote of his speech stressed that we as Vincentians have been called to serve humanity through charity, and we should carry out our duty with happiness and selflessness. The poor is our main assignment, as leaders we should help them lead a better life.
Mr. Femi Olowu delivered a presentation on ” Principles of case work practice and client relationship.(ppt link). In dealing with our clients we must apply empathy instead of sympathy. as care givers, we should be able to identify the different kind of needs of our clients and follow an approach to solve their problems. He went through the kinds of needs humans desire to satisfy at the different levels in life.
Furthermore, he noted that in delivering service to our beneficiaries, there are seven major guiding principles followed in every casework practice.
1. Individualization
2. Acceptance
3. Purposeful expression of feeling
4. Non judgmental attitude
5. Client self determination
6. Controlled Emotional involvement
7. Confidentiality.

You can read further about this from the slides attached HERE.
About 50 members attended the event. This year’s edition marks the 14th year the May 29th training has run consecutively in the organisation.

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