Mr. Johnpaul Nwaezeigwe who currently suffers from a massive enlargement of his lower limb and chronic leg ulcer, a condition which he has had to manage for the past 5 years is an adoptee of the Society of St. Vincent De Paul St. Dominic’s conference.

Mr. Johnpaul hails from Delta state and is a married father of two (2). He became an adoptee of the society in 2015 and has since been receiving regular palliative care and dressing of the ulcer. He however requires extensive and definitive surgery to permanently alleviate his pain and condition. According to specialist surgeons at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Idiaraba, where required surgical procedures have been planned, he would be needing debulking on the affected leg with skin grafting at an estimated total cost of around N722,000 a breakdown of which is provided forthwith:

  1. Major Operation x2                               –      ₦270, 000
  2. Admission and feeding for 8 weeks      –      ₦184 ,000
  3. Tentative cost for drugs                         –      ₦104, 000
  4. Radiologic investigations                       –      ₦10, 000
  5. Laboratory Investigations                       –    ₦30, 000
  6. Blood screening (N6,000 x 4 pints)        –    ₦24, 000
  7. Contingency                                           –    ₦100,000

                                                                         =  ₦ 722, 000


*cost provided are estimates from LUTH. The actual cost may be slightly less or slightly more.

The society therefore humbly appeals and solicits for help from the general public towards raising the funds needed to ameliorate Mr. Johnpaul’s medical condition and restore him to full health once more.



Please visit our donate page for how you can assist Mr John.

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