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Visit to Pacelli School for the Blind

Pacelli School for the Blind; A visit

Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially Sighted Children is administered by the
Congregation of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus under the Proprietorship of Archibishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos.
The members of SSVP St. Dominic Conference visited the school at the end or March 2018. We had a great time, what an insightful visit!!!

The school is characterized by its simple and cordial relationship that exists among the Reverend Sisters, who are managers of the School, Staff, Pupils and Visitors; such relationship makes one feel comfortable as if you were in your own home.
The environment is created to suit the mobility of the blind. It is well developed and beautifully decorated with flowers and has a very nice swimming pool.
The school has four big buildings and four small ones. The former has boys and girls’ hostels, respectively while the other two are the Reverend Sisters’ convent and chapel, where mass is celebrated daily for the pupils. The other building known as Maryville houses the music and computer rooms, manual typing, the Library and medical and Television rooms. Among the smaller buildings are places for laundry, vehicle garage and stores.
At the centre of these four big buildings is a field with good natural turf, where children play and some events like inter-house sports and Christmas party are held..
Pacelli School for the Blind is a non-governmental and non-fee paying institution, for all visually impaired persons. This policy has been maintained from its inception till date. As mentioned earlier, funding of the pupils’ education, maintenance of facilities, as well as the welfare of the students is the responsibility of the Catholic Church, it proprietor, with occasional assistance from individuals, religious groups and corporate organizations.

Some of the past students are teachers, lawyers, bankers, musicians, professors, journalists, business managers, etc, who have competitively proven their worth in the larger society.


For more info, You can contact the school directly: http://www.pacellischoolfortheblind.org/contact.html

email: info@pacellischoolfortheblind.org
phone: +234-701-600-8848
address: 30 Ajao Road, Surulere,
Lagos – Nigeria