The Lord will Restore and Increase us

The Lord will restore and increase us (Matt 25.20, Act 9.36)

The Lord by our acts of charity, good deeds, giving to the poor and needy will show much concern to our restoration and increase. When he knows that his investment in us will trickle down to the needy, he will restore, revive our losses and even commit more to us.
In Acts 9, it was in recognition of what Dorcas did to help people that made the disciples sought for Peter to come and help raise/restore Dorcas to life, in the name of Jesus.
Hence, as we give to charity and continue in it, we will receive help also when we may not be able to help ourselves.
Invest generously today in God’s kingdom and he will keep adding more talents to you. Matt 25.20      Proverbs 19.17

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