The Power of Giving


Our giving is a reminder of the blessings God has given us through Jesus Christ. We find in John 3:1 the pure Love of God which should be the foundation of our giving.

The Power of Giving:

By giving you can heal faster emotionally and physically. There’s also a selfish element in giving, when we give we make people happy, then become happier.

  • Giving make you happy
  • Giving promotes social connections.
  • Giving evokes gratitude.

Spiritual Aspect of Giving

This kind of redemption work means helping people with their needs.

It simply means:

  • Befriend the needy and the weak.
  • Alleviating sufferings.
  • Righting the wrongs.
  • Defending the truth.

St Vincent de Paul…Pray for us…🙏🙏🙏

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St Vincent De Paul……Pray for us.

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